A history of yeast expertise


Biospringer has a long history of yeast expertise.

This is where our history of yeast expertise began. Pictured: Baron Springer builds the yeast factory in Maisons-Alfort (France). Some of the 160-year-old buildings are still in the center of the present industrial facility in Maisons-Alfort.

Here are some of our historical milestones :

1853 – Lesaffre and Bonduelle families set up a grain and juniper alcohol distillery in Marquette-lez-Lille (France)

1872 & 1873 – Opening of Maisons-Alfort and Marcq-en-Baroeul yeast factories (France)

1880’s – First uses of yeast in food preparations (bouillon cubes..)

1930’s – Yeast paste usage in soups and stock preparations and other savoury products

1940’s – Powder drying inactivated yeast

1959 – Soluble Yeast Extract –

1990’s – Microgranulated yeast extract

1994 – Opening of Strasbourg factory (France)

2000 – Bio Springer Do Brasil, Valinhos (Brazil)

2010 – Opening of Laibin factory (China), Lesaffre partnership with the sugar producer Donta

2010 – Opening of Cedar Rapids factory (USA)

2010 – Opening of first Culinary Center in Maisons-Alfort (France) designed to support customer’s developments

2011 – Opening of second Culinary Center in Shanghai (China)

2014 – Opening of third Culinary Center in Milwaukee(USA)

2015 – New facility in Chongzuo (China), Lesaffre partnership with Chinese family group Guangxi Sungain sugar

2016 – Opening of forth Culinary Center in Campinas (Brazil)

2017 – Lesaffre acquisition of a brewer’s yeast extract facility in Strasbourg (France)

2017 – Opening of fifth Culinary Center in Singapore


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