Discover new range of yeast extracts: Springer Reveal™

New range of yeast extract

Springer Reveal™ is a unique natural yeast extract range* that highlights flavor notes and sublimates taste. Springer Reveal™ 290 and Springer Reveal™ 292 bring character to meaty and cheesy recipes respectively.

Springer Reveal 290 gives character to meaty applications

This new natural yeast extract increases roasted flavor notes of a beef burger, develops the specificity of lamb flavor notes, strengthens the deep meaty flavor notes of a chicken bouillon. It will become your favourite tool to design flavorful meat-based recipes!

Springer Reveal 292 brings typicality to cheesy flavor notes

Cheese is one of the most popular flavors in the food industry: snacks, sauces, fillings… It brings richness to numerous food products. Though, the complexity of cheese flavor, a good balance and authenticity is difficult to obtain while formulating cheese-based recipes.

With Springer Reveal, get the most of all cheese ingredients with a combination of our yeast extract: change a mild dairy flavor note into a mature cheese one!

Like all of our yeast extracts, the Springer Reveal™ products are clean label, animal-free, Halal and Kosher Parve.

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* Available only on EMEA area.

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