Yeast extract facts

Yeast extract is a natural ingredient made from baker’s or brewer’s yeast*– the same yeast used to make bread rise or beer ferment. Food companies and restaurants use yeast extracts as an ingredient in soups, sauces, seasonings, etc., to add flavor and keep their offerings free from artificial flavors and lower in salt.

It is important to know that yeast extracts is not salt or MSG (monosodium glutamate). The only similarity is the function – adding flavor and strengthening the cooking or baking process.

Baker’s and brewer’s yeast extract are derived from the natural breakdown of yeast cells when they are heated. Then water-soluble parts of the cells are separated from the insoluble cell walls, creating a liquid extract that is dried into a powder for ease of use and storage.

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As one of the historical and most trusted yeast producers, we ensure our yeast extracts are made at the highest quality.

Our yeast extract ingredients:

  • contain NO artificial flavors or colors
  • are 100 percent vegetarian from start to finish
  • are Kosher-certified
  • contribute to healthy food properties such as salt reduction

*Yeast is a living organism, which has always been present in the nature around us. Yeast is considered of natural origin. Moreover the ingredient yeast extract is produced in three main steps involving physical and enzymatic processes usually recognized as natural processes.

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