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Yeast Extract: Not MSG But Is It Safe? For healthy individuals, glutamates play a vital role both in good health and good hearth (food). Avoiding only the synthetic type of MSG is necessary in most cases, which yeast extract is most definitely not. – 14 June 2017

10 Questions About Yeast Extract (EURASYP) – Answers to 10 commonly asked questions (PDF)

Yeast Extract may boost brain function Recent study conducted by University of York on yeast extract and brain health – 5 Apr. 2017

Unilever’s Marmite in the news (USA Today) – Tesco and Unilever are in a dispute around pricing of Marmite – 13 Oct. 2016

Biospringer launches Springer Organic Baker’s Yeast Extract – October 2016

You Should Be Cooking with Marmite (Paste Magazine) – Marmite and Vegemite, popular spreads made of yeast extract, both add tasty flavor to meals. Kenji Lopéz-Alt of the website Serious Eats calls the ingredient an “umami bomb” and is sharing recipes with the products on his new book tour – 11 nov. 2015

Yeast Extract a good source of protein and b vitamins (Naturally Good Food) Yeast extract is a great-cupboard ingredient for vegans. Everyone needs plenty of vitamin B12 to maintain healthy blood and a functional nervous system – 5 May 2015

Food Science Fact or Fiction – Explaining Yeast Extract (Wildtree) – Great video showing the process of making yeast extract from baker’s yeast. – 8 Oct. 2013

Myths and Misconceptions: MSG (Whole Foods) – Autolyzed yeast and hydrolyzed proteins, among other ingredients, are completely natural ingredients – 25 Jul. 2008

Extracting Yeast’s Flavor Advantage (Natural Products Insider) -Today’s food industry still prizes yeast’s fermentation abilities but has discovered another valuable function: Yeast can improve and enhance the flavor of a whole spectrum of foods. – 7 Feb. 2007





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